Use Our Code

The NewsCube code has been released under an open source licence via GitHub. With this code you can create a virtual cube, make it rotate, and add content to the sides.

With the NewsCube up and running, we are keen to see what others might do with it.

We want to tred a middle ground between freedom of use and encouraging contributions so have opted to release the code under a the Mozilla Public Licence v 2.0. This is a simple copyleft licence designed to encourage contributors to share modifications, while still allowing them to combine our code with code under other licenses.

Check out this handy summary of the licence as well as Mozilla’s FAQ.

Head to our GitHub repo

We would love your contributions to the source code. If you do contribute, we ask that you follow these simple steps:

Of course, you are also welcome to just take our code and use it in your own project. If you do, we’d still love to know what you do with it, so keep us posted.

Good luck and happy cubing.


Mug image courtesy of Bruno Carvalho via Flickr