The NewsCube


The NewsCube is an award-winning digital storytelling tool that lets you curate complex news stories and ideas.

It is an engaging and fun platform where you can combine text, images, video, links, articles, documents, and other elements to package a story, idea, person, or company into a virtual 3D cube.

The six sides give a big picture view of a topic that readers can spin and explore for more detail.

Cubing is a technology-driven approach to communication where cubers can combine multimedia elements, time, places, voices, events, and perspectives to give a big picture view. NewsCube is a story experience in which you are the narrator.

Creator Skye Doherty envisaged NewsCube from hypertext and interaction design theories, shaping it into a viable tool with designer David Lloyd and developer Andrea Epifani.

In the digital world, hyperlinks make it easy to connect information and create relationships, but the sheer scale of hyperspace means it is easy to get lost.

NewsCube helps authors organise and control a complex narrative. It can facilitate navigation through the various aspects and sources of a story, allowing readers to find their way back without sending them far away.

We think journalists, communicators, writers, creative agencies, educators, and anyone with a story will love the NewsCube as a way to explain issues and allow readers, clients, or students to explore and interact with them. Put your NewsCube to all kinds of storytelling uses — journalism, fiction, children’s stories, corporate communications, teaching, poetry, documentary, music, and even games.

Why it works

  • Fun, innovative, and easy to create
  • Demands attention and interactivity, engaging audiences with your content and keeping them on site
  • Responsive and available for desktop, tablet, or mobile
  • Give readers more value with a compact, tangible, and visually interesting add-on to tell or complement a story
  • Offer a wider range of content while maintaining editorial control and minimising the need to have a linear narrative flow
  • Share, embed, and link NewsCubes, as well as invite collaborators to work on a single NewsCube

Six facts

  1. Established in 2014 by journalist and academic Skye Doherty
  2. Awarded the 2014 Walkley Grant for Innovation in Journalism
  3. A virtual 3D cube with six sides and capacity for nine items per side
  4. Shape together text, images, video, links, articles, documents, and social media
  5. Created to take advantage of digital narrative tools – hypertext, interactivity, multimedia
  6. An innovative, fun, and simple storytelling tool to engage audience

Ready to Cube?

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Read more about the project or download our two-page overview of the NewsCube, why it’s cool and what you can do with it