Innovations are never the work on one person, and NewsCubed is no exception. Behind it are academics, developers and designers, along with supporting organisations.

Skye Doherty came up with the NewsCube concept as part of her PhD. She is a journalist by trade and worked in reporting and production roles in Australia, Thailand and the UK before taking up lecturing and study at the University of Queensland. You can find out more here or follow her @skyedoherty.

Andrea Epifani is our code guru and computer engineer. In the past six years, he travelled across Italy, Northern Ireland, China and Australia where he worked in web, mobile and user experience roles. He can speak and code more languages than Skye and Dave together. Find out more about him here or follow him @andyepx.

David Lloyd is a designer for all occasions and came up with our funky logo and the NewsCube style. From his tiny studio in Australia he works across the globe designing everything from magazines, logos, corporate reports and websites. The UNDP and the World Bank like his work, and we do too. He is allergic to Facebook and when he has time to tweet it is mostly about sandwiches @diall9. He has a dog and a Goliath stick-insect as pets. Oh, and he’s cooked for Gordon Ramsay and the ambassador of Qatar. You can see more of his work here.


As a research project, NewsCubed has had the ongoing support from academics at the University of Queensland, namely:

Stephen Viller is an interaction design academic and is the Skye’s primary PhD supervisor. He is interested in people-centred design, particularly applied to the design of social, domestic and ubiquitous computing technologies and understanding people in context. Find out more about him here. He tweets @viller.

John Harrison is also on Skye’s PhD supervisory team. He is a journalism academic and teaches both journalism and professional communication, and has pioneered the use of service learning project teams in the communication program. Find out more about him here, and follow him @thedoctorsaid.

As a startup, the company has been supported by iLab and the Walkley Foundation. The company was part of the iLab’s Incubate program in 2014 and was a recipient of a Walkley Foundation Innovation Grant the same year.