NewsCube beta launched

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The NewsCube beta is up and we’d love you to give it a spin.

The NewsCube is a storytelling tool that lets you create and aggregate complex stories. It’s a cool and engaging way to show multiple perspectives and synthesise the stories, documents, images and other components in a way that is easily understood.

We think journalists, researchers, strategic communicators and educators will love the NewsCube as a way to explain issues and allow readers, clients or students to explore and interact with them.

The NewsCube was prototyped as part of a PhD research project, and those who used this early version thought it was playful and it gave a sense of ownership over stories. Now, thanks to a grant from The Walkley Foundation we’ve managed to develop this Beta version.

Initially we’re giving limited access to the NewsCube, so you’ll need a code to create an account. If you’re interested in being involved drop us a line at Tell us who you are and why you’re interested.

In the meantime, everyone can access our gallery of NewsCubes and share them with friends. You can also follow us on Facebook, tweet us @newscubed, or read our blog at

Happy cubing!