NewsCubed is a startup that puts technology and users at the centre of communication design. It is focused on innovation and the belief that the media industry needs a new approach if it is going to tackle the computational challenges that are coming.

Our flagship product is the NewsCube. It aims to solve the problem of researching or telling complex store. This can be tricky because there are often multiple perspectives, documents, and evidence, scattered in various places.

But what if there was an easy way to shape stories from every angle?

The NewsCube is a storytelling tool that lets you create and aggregate all the parts and points of view in a story and tell it using an interactive surface. It makes important stories more engaging.

Journalists, researchers, educators or strategic communicators can all use the NewsCube to tell in depth stories and readers can explore and interact with them. There’s also the ability to share NewsCubes, link them with others and collaborate.

Users of our prototypes said the NewsCube was playful and fun to use, it gave users a sense of ownership over stories and it could increase time on site.

If you’d like to see the NewsCube in action or find out more about the company, get in touch:

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